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Overdentures are a popular and innovative solution for tooth loss. At Harmony Dental Care in Burbank, we take pride in offering the latest dental prosthetics to restore your smile and confidence.

What is an Overdenture?

An overdenture is a removable prosthesis that is attached to your upper or lower jaw. They are made from acrylic, metal, or plastic, and can be custom fitted for each patient. They are held in place with clasps or suction. Overdentures offer many benefits over dentures, including:

  • A more natural appearance
  • Improved speech and chewing comfort
  • A more secure fit
  • Less damage to surrounding healthy tissue
  • Less chance of the prosthesis falling out

To make the right decision when selecting a quality prosthesis, it’s crucial to explore other denture options available to you.

  • Full dentures are commonly used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. They consist of a pink acrylic base that mimics gum tissue and artificial teeth attached to the base. The dentures sit on your gums and rely on suction and adhesives to stay in place. 
  • Partial Dentures are a viable solution if you’re missing several teeth. They consist of artificial teeth attached to a metal framework that fits snugly between your remaining teeth. The framework may also have metal clasps that attach to your remaining teeth for added support.
  • Implant-Supported Overdentures are a more stable and natural-looking alternative to traditional dentures. They are supported by dental implants that replace your natural tooth roots. The implants are surgically positioned into your jawbone and left to fuse with the bone tissue, providing a secure foundation for the overdenture. Implant-supported overdentures are comfortable, functional, and look and feel like natural teeth.

Are You a Candidate?

If you’re considering overdentures, our dental experts in Burbank will help you choose the best option based on your unique needs and preferences. We will examine your teeth and gums, take X-rays and impressions, and create a customized treatment plan to restore your smile.

Overdentures are a popular and innovative tooth loss solution that offers numerous benefits over traditional dentures. At Harmony Dental Care in Burbank, we provide high-quality denture services to help you achieve a healthy and confident smile. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more about our dental services and schedule an appointment.

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