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Where do I find an emergency dentist near me?

Emergency Dentist Burbank

  • When you need urgent dental care, we can ensure you get the right treatment.  Our emergency dentist in Burbank is a trusted dental practice in the local area. We provide urgent care for dental emergencies like severe pain, tooth extractions, and wisdom tooth problems.

  • There are many reasons why someone might need emergency dental care. We offer walk-in appointments for many types of dental emergencies.

  • Our team of dentists are highly trained with many years of experience. We provide affordable payment plans, call us if you have any emergency dental needs!

There are many reasons to seek emergency dental care.

    • Sometimes pain from existing problems such as abscesses or swollen gums can become unbearable. Accidents can also occur.
    • Other dental conditions that can require urgent treatment include:
      • broken dentures
      • lost crowns or fillings
      • broken teeth.

    Knowing what to do and receiving immediate care can save a tooth. Dr. Rad provides emergency dentistry in Burbank to assure clients do not have to stay in pain and can prevent any further problems that may arise.

    If you experience an injury, bite your lip or tongue and the bleeding won’t stop, knock a tooth out or loose, crack a tooth, or develop a toothache and are concerned about an abscess or infection, call Dr. Rad’s office as soon as possible. Our dental team has years of experience in delivering gentle and curative emergency dental care and we have flexible emergency appointments available daily. If an accident or a dental emergency occurs when our office is closed, please visit your local emergency room.

    Avoid Dental Emergencies

    1. Protect your teeth. Avoid chewing on ice, hard candy, popcorn kernels, or anything that could crack a tooth.
    2. Do not use your teeth to open packages or to cut things. Use scissors instead!
    3. Wear a mouth guard while playing sports.
    4. If you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep, purchase and wear a mouth guard.
    5. Visit Dr. Rad for regular appointments, and follow all suggested hygienic practices.

    Brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once a day, and booking a general dentist appointment every six months constitutes a simple routine structure that will prevent dental disease and the need for certain emergency-care issues, such as oral cancer, abscesses, gum disease, infections, and loose teeth. 

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